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The challenge was developed from seeing high amount players finding it hard to develop the motivation to train on their owne and do the extras. 

Sometimes we just need that little push to get us to our goal.

This is exactly what the 4 Week Challenge is all about. 

It's a kick start to developing explosive rugby speed for life.


You with the opportunity to work with The Rugby Speed Coach no matter where you are in the world.

You will be provided with all the tools you need to develop explosive rugby speed and make the biggest impact to your game.


Players spend the majority of a game in the acceleration phase so it makes sense that improving your speed will make the biggest impact to your game




No equipment required just your own bodyweight and a flat grassed area. 

Players that take on the 4 week Explosive Rugby Speed Challenge will develop:

          Explosive Speed off the mark leaving the opposition for dead

          Explosive power that has not only skyrocketed their speed but also improved their tackling power and ability to break through the                line of defence from a stand still position

          Leg strength that has taken their speed and game to the next level

          Flexibility and mobility allowing them to spend more time on the field then on the sideline injured 

          Lightening sharp quickness and reaction that will have the opposition tackling thin air


Superior Rugby Speed knowledge that they will have for life




I'll be with you every step of the way motivating and pushing you along your speeddesigned to provide you with ongoing support and motivation throughout the 4 weeks as you develop your speed along with other like minded players. 

Follow the 4 week program and you will:


Develop Explosive speed off the mark 

 Build rugby speed strength




As soon as you sign up for the challenge you will be a step closer to taking your Rugby speed to a whole new level.

You will become a part of a Rugby community that encourages and motivates each other every step of the way. 

This challenge is great for players that find it hard to train on their own. 



The challenge is broken down into 4 phases


Part 1 on this phase is to complete a series of Speed tests that will measure the 4 keys to explosive speed. Tests include:

- Speed over 10m

- Power

- Strength

- Flexibility 

The second test is a Range of Movement (ROM) test to ensure that your limbs are moving in full range of motion so that you can develop explosive rugby speed. Restrictions in ROM will affect the ability to reach your max speed potential so it's important that you are aware of any issues so that you can start working on them.

Both tests will need to be completed before the challenge start date. 

Once you have completed your testing, it's now time to start part 2 and become a Rugby Speed expert.


You will receive the one of a kind Rugby Speed bible that will provide you with all the information you need to know to get explosively fast for rugby in an easy to understand format. This includes both written and video tutorials. 

I've spent thousands of hours testing and researching the quickest way to develop Explosive Rugby Speed.


Everything that I have discovered is in the Rugby Speed Bible so you can get straight into developing explosive Rugby speed.


No over the top technical jargon that needs a PHD to understand. I promise. 

Once you have read and watched the videos in the Rugby Speed bible, you become and expert in: 

- The 4 points to the acceleration technique that has turned slow and sluggish players into explosive and fast players. 

- How to develop Explosive Power specific to Rugby speed 

- How to build strength specific to Rugby Speed

- How to improve your flexibility so that you spend more time on the field then on the sidelines injured

- The rules to speed training that needs to be followed to get the best bang for buck out of every training session

















Once you have read the Rugby Speed Bible and watched the tutorial videos, you will then have the opportunity to fine tune your acceleration technique via the unique technique correction video. This is like having The Rugby Speed Coach right there with you. This video will step you through exactly what you need to look for to ensure that your technique is spot on as your technique is one of the most important factors to developing explosive Rugby speed.

You will then have the opportunity to practice your technique prior to the start of the challenge. 


It's now time to start the challenge and watch your speed sky rocket.


Each week you will receive an easy to follow program that includes a video to each drill and exercise along with a video summary on how to tackle the week's program along with tips to ensure that you execute every drill and exercise with 100% accuracy. This is paramount to developing explosive Rugby Speed.

During the challenge, you will have the opportunity to chat with other players going through the program at the same time as you  as well as ask and questions you may have. 


Once you have completed the challenge, you will have the opportunity to re test to see your speed gains. 



This challenge is designed for players 12 years and older whether you are an amateur, semi pro or even pro player.

You could be a parent that wants to assist their child go through the challenge




a player looking for a proven program that will take their speed to the next level.



You will receive the testing manual that includes everything you need to know along with video tutorials on the 4 tests you need to do pre and post challenge



Everything you need to know about developing explosive speed is included in the Rugby Speed Bible. You will have all the knowledge at your fingertips.