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If you don’t activate your muscles before a game, before training, before any strenuous physical activity – you’re behind the eight-ball before you even run onto the field.

Think of it this way – your muscles are resting, almost asleep and suddenly you catch a pass and want to fly down the sideline – but your glutes (the most powerful muscle in the body) are still in "sleepy sleepy" mode. You expect your muscles to fire so you can score that try, but they're lazy and tired because they haven't been activated.

Think how much faster you could be, how many more tackle brakes or bone-crunching tackles you could make if your muscles are awake, energised and ready to go! Not to mention how much your injury rate will decrease. Incorporate these muscle activation exercises into your warm up to wake up those muscles before kick off 1. SINGLE-LEG BRIDGE WITH TENNIS BALL (This exercise activates your hip flexors and glutes)

2. BIRD DOG (This exercise activates your core)

3. FIRE HYDRANT (this exercise activates you hip flexors)

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