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Our NEW Clinic is a game-changer for young Footy players

Discover the game-changing opportunity for young footy players aged 8-14. Our intensive two-hour clinic is strategically designed to equip your child with the essential skills and strategies to dominate the field in the upcoming 2024 season.  LIMITED locations have NEW 7yrs&8yrs sessions PLUS 9yrs-14yrs (Emerald, Rocky & Canberra)

Clinic Highlights:
  • Comprehensive Skill Development:  Hone fundamental passing and catching skills, develop explosive acceleration, gain the agility to stand out on the field, make decisions under pressure and improve confidence.

  • Training Toolkit: Arm your child with the knowledge to train at-home, without expensive equipment. Participants are equipped for continuous improvement beyond the clinic, and gaining the leading edge against their opponents.

Why Choose this Clinic?
1. Expert Coaching

Benefit from the wisdom of a highly experienced Coach with 25 years in the sport industry. Your child will receive top-notch guidance (in an easy-to-understand manner) to ensure they learn exactly what is necessary to kick-start them for a stellar 2024 season.

2. Strategic Skill Development

Mastering precision in passing and catching, alongside developing explosive speed, this clinic comprehensively addresses all crucial aspects for on-field success. Witness your young athlete refine fast footwork, acceleration off the mark, precise passing, confident catching, lightning-fast offloads, and adept handling under pressure – mirroring real-game scenarios.


The Coach meticulously dissects these intricacies, refining skills to empower your child to make split-second decisions with precision.  Going beyond conventional speed and agility training, the clinic instills essential techniques for explosive acceleration and rapid changes of direction. With mastery of these skills, your child will effortlessly outmaneuver opponents on the field.

3. Toolkit

The knowledge and practical drills acquired at the clinic will empower your child to sustain their growth at home (without the need for expensive equipment!). This home training will prepare them for a season like never before.

Is your child ready for Season'24?
If your child aspires to excel as a Rugby, League, Touch or OzTag player and dominate the 2024 season, give them the confidence, skills, and competitive edge needed to stand out.  Secure their spot in our NEW clinic today and watch them transform into a powerhouse on the field.


What you can expect from 2-hour clinic?

🏉2 hour practical session

🏉A lot of fun! Focusing on Speed and Passing, Catching and Ball Skills, with every drill and exercise designed specifically for players aged 8 years up to 14 years old 

🏉Your child will not only be training with our expert Coach but also with like-minded players who share their passion for footy

🏉Increase confidence, speed and the foundational skills of passing and catching


They will love their game even more simply because they have become a better player.

What will your Child train during the Clinic?
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Benefits of the FAST FEET & QUICK HANDS
Speed & Precision Passing Clinic


Enhanced Performance

Our clinic is meticulously designed to enhance your child's footy game, focusing on two important elements: Speed and the essential ball skills of Passing/Catching. By participating, your child will have the knowledge to transform into a more formidable player, paving the way for improved on-field performance, successful plays, and a distinct competitive edge.


Confidence Building

Your child's assurance with the ball in-hand and their speed will soar.  This newfound confidence can have a positive impact not only on the field but also in other facets of their life. ​


Skill Development

Passing, catching and speed are essential skills in footy and what players do the majority of a game. Improving these skills will make the biggest impact to their game. The program focuses on improving acceleration, footwork, passing accuracy, and power along with enhancing hand-eye coordination.  Skills your child can use for a lifetime of footy.


Fun mixed with Camaraderie & Friendship

The clinic is an enjoyable, fulfilling, and fun way for your child to engage in physical activity and get them ready for next season. They'll be training with a group of like-minded players just as passionate about their footy. 

But, ultimately...

..this program serves as a valuable investment in your child's physical development, overall well-being, and future success in Rugby, League, Touch, or OzTag.

The Details:

Who:      Rugby, League, Touch, OzTag players aged 8-14yrs (Limited NEW 7yr old sessions)

Where:   Across Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria - check our Current Schedule

When:    This NEW clinic started in 2024 - check our Current Schedule

Cost:      $66 per Player with LIMITED 'early bird' tickets at $55.

Wear:     Training attire, wear footy boots or sneakers, hat, sunscreen

Payment Methods: 

We accept credit card and paypal via our ticketing site TryBooking.  Unfortunately, as yet TryBooking don't have Afterpay capability on their site.  However, we can offer Afterpay through our website.  

If you have any questions, please reach out:

Current Schedule: MAY/JUNE 2024
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Who is the Rugby Speed Coach?

The Rugby Speed Coach has a strong focus on enhancing Speed, Strength, and Fitness in athletes aged 8-14years old.  His specialty is Rugby, Rugby League and associated sports.


Sonny has a unique teaching approach that simplifies complex techniques, making it easy for participants to understand why they are training in specific ways and then incorporate drills into their at-home training routines.

With over 25 years of experience in the sports industry, Sonny has had the privilege of coaching thousands of athletes across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria through both in-person clinics and online speed training programs. His expertise lies in helping young athletes in the 8-14 age group reach their full potential.

More Feedback on The Rugby Speed Coach
(and check our Facebook Reviews!)

"Fantastic workshop. Sonny is gifted at working and communicating with young people. Grateful for the opportunity my boys had to take part." - E.H

"My son has been to 2 of Sonny's clinics and made a big difference but when he did the 8 week program he is now stronger faster and has lost 8kg. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE RUGBY SPEED COACH." - T.T


"This program is freaking awesome! I have tried for years to get my Yeti like 15 years to run, not just with proper technique but to actually run, this guy did it in ONE two hour session. Not only has his speed and style improved, but his confidence when he gets the ball is also beyond belief"


"I would highly recommend this training for anyone that wants their child to become a better stronger athlete in any sport. Sonny is a professional he explains every aspect of training & has a great attitude towards the kids."


"Fantastic program & great for youth development. Fantastic for any sport to improve feet/speed coordination. My kids really enjoy the coaching & interaction with the coach"

"My grandson and his mate attended a session with The Rugby Speed Coach on the weekend. The boys loved it. They got some great tips, exercises, and drills they can do at home to keep on improving their speed. Sonny was great with the kids, encouraging, explaining each drill and what the outcome would be. Very reasonably priced and well worth it. I will be looking into ongoing training with Sonny. Definitely recommend."

"Sonny is highly professional with so much knowledge that he shares in-depth with exceptional delivery to every child, they are all so focused and eager to learn more from him. Sonny shows genuine concern and interest in the progress of everyone he meets. Thanks, Sonny you are awesome our son has learned so much from you."

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Phone 0401 810 301 

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