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90 Days to Explosive Speed Training Program

90 Days to Explosive Speed Training Program


The Rugby Speed Coach presents a game-changing 12-week Speed Training Program. Unleash your explosive speed potential and transform your performance in just 90 days with this comprehensive at-home training program.


What is it?

  • Instant download PDF ebook
  • 12 Week training program to build explosive speed and improve your game
  • Designed for Rugby & Rugby League players from 9yrs up to Seniors
  • Written by a Qualified and Experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Undertake training at home


The 12-week training program has been tested on thousands of players with great success. 


Who Benefits?

  • Beginner to Advanced Rugby and League players
  • From 9 years up to Senior players
  • Parents supporting their young athletes in gaining an edge on the field
  • Whether you're new to strength training or a seasoned athlete, our program caters to your unique needs


How much experience do I need?

Every training session is set out for you with exact Sets and Reps of each drill/exercise making it very easy to follow.


This training program caters to both Beginners and Advanced players.  This is because we have included access to two different strength training programs:


1) Weight-based Strength program using the Triphasic Training method for Advanced players (one of the quickest ways to develop strength and power for speed)


2) Bodyweight Strength program for Beginners who are new to strength training or those who don't have access to weights

What's Included in the download?

We've included 4 books in the 1 download for you, so you will not only be able to complete the practicalities of the training program but also understand the reasoning and theory behind it.  


This is the most comprehensive program on the market now.  In the 56 page download, you’ll receive:


1. 12-Week SPEED Training Program:

  • Targeted sessions for Speed, Technique, Strength, Power and Flexibility.
  • 24 x training sessions with precise drills, exercises, and sets/reps to simply follow
  • Warm-up and Cool-down programs


2. 12-Week STRENGTH Training Program :
2 options for you to choose from based on your ability and experience, either Bodyweight or Weights-based.


Bonus for you: You'll receive both Strength programs so you can undertake Bodyweight, and then follow up for the next 12 weeks with the Weights-based, this will extend your program to 24 weeks making it great value


3. BONUS Ebook 1: The Theory of Speed - an easy-to-read book arming you with the background knowledge you need to understand the process.  (Value $35)


4. BONUS Ebook 2: How To Test for Speed Development - without testing how do you know if you're improving?  This is an essential component of any speed development program enabling you to track your progress.  This guide will give you the skills and knowledge to undertake testing. (Value $27)


Did you know that normal footy training does not include speed training.  In fact, it is now extremely common for professional players and those wanting to uplevel their game to employ the services of a dedicated Speed Coach.


Standalone Speed Training?

Don't settle for standalone speed drills; our program integrates 8 essential components for explosive power. 


  • Strength
  • Muscle Activation
  • Plyometric
  • Acceleration
  • Top End Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Sprint Mechanics


Why Choose The Rugby Speed Coach?

With over twenty years of industry experience and qualifications in Strength & Conditioning and Personal Training, The Rugby Speed Coach is your trusted partner for on-field success.  I've trained thousands of young athletes and currently conduct face-to-face clinics in Australia, as well as work directly with Clubs to enhance the performance of their players.


Bang for Your Buck!

Our 12-week program provides exceptional value compared to face-to-face sessions which for 24 x sessions would cost over $2,000.  Being able to undertake this training at home is also cost-effective.


In addition, you'll get:

  • Access to a video library showing you the technique of every drill and exercise, to ensure you are nailing the technique
  • Unlimited support from The Rugby Speed Coach throughout your training period
  • 50% off coupon for a Personalised Acceleration Technique Analysis report


What Are You Waiting For?

Buy now and start building your Explosive Speed in 90 days.  Elevate your on-field performance, break away from the competition.


Available for immediate download now.  

Start getting FAST now!

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