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Clinic Ticket (using AFTERPAY)

Clinic Ticket (using AFTERPAY)


AFTERPAY PURCHASES: Use this listing and checkout.

You can purchase Clinic Tickets, and/or the optional training programs as listed.


Head to our event listing here:


Our preferred ticketing partner, Trybooking does NOT offer our customers the ability to purchase using Afterpay.  So, we've included this option for those wanting to use Afterpay.



1. Use this listing to purchase a Participant Ticket and any Training Program Tickets

2. Select the desired tickets and add them to the Cart

3. Follow the check out process, in the notes section, write the Location of the clinic you want to attend, then selecting Afterpay as your payment option

4. Once completed, you've now secured tickets.  HOWEVER, there are very important next steps to ensure we allocate the ticket to your desired venue/location.


Important Next Steps:

5. Once you've completed the Afterpay payment, please email us at:
to let us know which venue you've purchased your tickets for.  Please do this ASAP so we can provide you with a unique Discount Code.


6. We will reply within 24 hours with a unique DISCOUNT CODE to use on the Trybooking site. 


7.  You will need to go to our Trybooking site (this is the platform that provides the tickets) here: 
Please do this ASAP to ensure we collect the right information in the right timeframe.


8. Choose your venue and go through the process to Book in.  This is important as we cannot let you attend the clinic without obtaining the required Health and Enrolment information contained within that process.


9. Please fill all details in and at check out, use the Unique Discount Code we sent you.  Don't worry we will also send these instructions to you with the Discount Code. Using this code will ensure you don't have to pay any further.  


11. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Email: OR  Phone: 0401 810 301

This seems like a lot of effort, however in reality it only takes a few minutes.  We were just detailed in these instructions to make it very clear and easy to follow.


Also note: when you email us requesting the Discount Code, we will also resend these instructions to you!

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