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4-Week Speed & Agility Training Program

4-Week Speed & Agility Training Program


Elevate Your On-Field Potential with The Rugby Speed Coach's 4-Week Speed & Agility Training Program!


Ignite your game with our specially designed training regimen tailored for rugby and league players.


Designed by a qualified and experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach within the rugby industry.  Improve your speed and agility and improve your on-field performance.


Gain instant access to a comprehensive PDF training program that requires NO equipment.  Even better,  you can train conveniently in your own backyard!


What's Inside:

  • A detailed twice-weekly program: 8 sessions with precise Sets/Reps for optimal on-field improvement
  • Specific Warm Up & Cool Down routines
  • Access to instructional videos for every exercise, ensuring correct form and maximum benefits
  • Designed by a qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach with over two decades of coaching experience
  • Tested and proven drills on real Rugby/League players
  • Direct email access to The Rugby Speed Coach for personalised guidance and motivation


Who Benefits:

  • Rugby and Rugby League players of all ages aiming to boost Speed & Agility
  • Parents supporting their young athletes in gaining an edge on the field
  • Perfect for beginners/intermediates with no weight training experience—bodyweight-focused for foundational strength


Why Speed & Agility Training Matters:

In today's challenging Rugby & Rugby League environment, speed, agility, and explosive power are crucial. Our program equips you to outmanoeuvre opponents, helping you become faster, more agile, and stronger.


Don't Settle for Mediocrity - Train with The Best!

  • Buy Now, download instantly, and start training today!
  • This program is very specific to Speed & Agility for rugby/league players – a generic program won’t cut it in today’s competitive world
  • Gain an edge over your competition and elevate your game to new heights


Ignite Your Game Today!

  • Twice-weekly program with 8 x training sessions mapped out for you  – simply follow!
  • Detailed Warm-Up & Cool Down programs included
  • Access to instructional videos for the correct form/technique
  • Expertly crafted by a seasoned coach
  • Proven on real Rugby/League players
  • Direct access to The Rugby Speed Coach for personalised support


With over 20 years of industry experience in Australia and Fiji, The Rugby Speed Coach is your key to unlocking unparalleled on-field performance. 


Don't Miss Out—Supercharge Your Game Today!

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