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Core training that will make you faster and explosive

The job of our core is to provide balance and stability when we sprint, sidestep, pass, tackle, jump and even catch.

Without a strong core we lose control especially through rapid speed and change of direction.

There is more to improving your core strength then doing 100 sit ups everyday.

Just like any athletic skill, there is a process and core strength is no different.

Let me introduce you to the 3 phases of building core strength (and maybe even a six pack!!) to become a faster and explosive player.

Phase #1 - Stability

First you need to focus on improving your trunk stability and bracing your core. This is where we hold an isometric position.

These movements are easy to perform and gives you a chance to learn how to brace your core.

A few examples of these movements are:

Plank, side plank, dead bug, bird dog etc.

Phase #2 - Fundamental Movements

Now it's time to add movement to your core exercises that include bending forwards, bending backwards and any rotational movements.

Here we get into Russian Twists, Sprinter's step ups, Supermans and many more.

Phase #3 - Integration

Here we get into Rugby speed and sidestepping specific movements.

We do this by coupling the core with the upper or lower half.

This teaches the player to transfer force through the core for dynamic power and explosiveness.

Key Tips

- When strength training perform core exercises at the end of your session. Doing it too early will exhaust your core and interfere with your lifting techniques.

- Perform 2-3 sets or 1 to 2 core exercises per session. Be aware of overtraining your core.

- Engage in core straining 4 times a week. Studies have revealed that frequency is equal to volume in terms of importance.

Looking for a proven and tested Core Strength program that will improve your speed and explosiveness? CLICK HERE

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