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How to build SPEED for junior players

When building SPEED for junior players, it's different to training senior players.

Their bodies are still growing and they are still building their co ordination.

So, it's important to concentrate on the fundamentals.

Here are a few key things for to work on.

💪🏽 Strength -  This is the foundation of athleticism. Concentrate on building relative strength (the amount of strength to body size) through body weight exercises like squats, nordic curls, push ups etc.

🦘 Jumping - Also know as plyometrics. this will build power which is a key ingredient to building SPEED. Perform exercises like Pogo Jumps, Squat Jumps & Broad Jumps 2-3 times per week. 

🏃🏽 Sprint - The quickest way to get fast is to just sprint. Sprint over 10-20m with 100% effort and allow enough recovery time after each sprint (back to normal breathing rate).

There you have it. If you can focus on these 3 key points then they will be on their way to explosive SPEED.

If your child wants this all mapped out for them, then check out my 90 Days to Explosive Speed Program that includes the 3 key points mentioned above plus many more. 

Click HERE to find out more.

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