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Level Up Your Passing Training Program

Level Up Your Passing Training Program


The Rugby Speed Coach presents an unparalleled 8-week Passing Mastery Training Program.


Designed for footy players from 8 years up who want to develop a world-class pass, and improve their on-field performance.


This instantly downloadable PDF ebook – 33 pages of quality knowledge, was meticulously crafted for Rugby, Rugby League, Touch and OzTag players. 


Written by a qualified and experienced Strength & Conditioning Coach who has coached thousands of players over many years.  This transformative Passing Training Program is tested and proven by footy players.


In addition to an 8-week training program that will guide you to developing a world-class pass, I’ve included two bonuses for you:

Bonus 1 - Passing Technique Manual (valued at $39)

Bonus 2 – Catching Technique Manual (valued at $39)


Who will benefit from undertaking this training program?

Players from 8 years, right up to Seniors who want to improve their passing.


Equipment Required:

  • Your footy
  • 2 x Tennis Balls
  • Flat area

This training program is designed for execution in the comfort of your own home and backyard. There are even drills tailored for your lounge room, allowing you to enhance your skills while watching TV!


What the Passing Training Program offers:

  • Elevate your passing precision, ensuring each pass lands perfectly in your teammates' hands
  • Bolster hand-eye coordination, refine your grip, and enhance your connection with the ball, sharpening your passing and catching prowess
  • Develop the ability to pass under pressure, simulating the intensity of a real game situation
  • Propel your confidence to new heights, impacting not only your on-field success but also boosting overall self-assurance


What is included?

  • An 8-week passing training program featuring 24 training sessions, complete with precise reps and sets. Enjoy the added benefit of a lifetime access pass, allowing you to revisit the program at your convenience.
  • Access an extensive video library dedicated to ensuring the correctness of your techniques thus maximising gains from your training sessions.
  • Continuous support from the Rugby Speed Coach
  • Enjoy the added benefit of lifetime access, allowing you to revisit the program at your convenience.



Bonus 1 – Passing Technique Manual valued at $39:  a comprehensive guide outlining the exact techniques required for a world-class pass.  Loaded with images and videos for enhanced clarity.


Bonus 2 – Catching Technique Manual valued at $39: a comprehensive guide that precisely details the art of catching the ball early, enabling you to deliver accurate passes.  Images and videos for clarity.



Secure your program NOW to develop a world-class pass.


What happens AFTER you purchase this program?

You will receive an email from me within minutes, with instructions on how to download your Training Program (check your Junk Folder if you can't see it!)


What does your download include?

The manual includes:



Simply follow and you’re on your way to a world-class pass and improved confidence on the field.


Don’t forget you can contact The Rugby Speed Coach at any time for assistance:


Frequently Asked Questions:

What currency is this priced in, and are there any additional fees?

The passing program is priced at $39 Australian Dollars (AUD). This includes not only the comprehensive 8-week training program with 24 training sessions, but also two valuable bonuses: the Passing Technique Manual and the Catching Technique Manual, each independently valued at $39 AUD.  There are no hidden costs or additional fees after purchase. Your one-time payment covers the entire program, making it a worthwhile investment in enhancing your passing skills.

Is this passing program suitable for players of all skill levels?

Absolutely! The passing program is designed to cater to players of varying skill levels, from beginners to experienced players. Training in passing is an individual endeavor, so your current skill level is not a limiting factor. The comprehensive nature of the program ensures that it meets the unique needs of each participant.

What age group is the passing program suitable for?

The passing program is ideal for players aged 8 and above. Whether you're a junior player or a seasoned athlete, the program is tailored to enhance your passing skills, providing valuable insights and techniques.

What equipment is needed for the passing program?

All you need is a footy, a couple of tennis balls and a flat area. The program is designed to be accessible, and the drills can be easily executed in your backyard or any open space.

How soon can I expect to see results from the passing program?

Results may vary, but many participants notice improvements within the first few weeks. By committing to the 8-week program, you can expect significant enhancements in passing precision, hand-eye coordination, and overall confidence.

Can I contact The Rugby Speed Coach for support during the passing program?

Absolutely! The Rugby Speed Coach is dedicated to your success. Feel free to reach out via email at any time for assistance, whether you have questions about the program, need clarification on techniques, or seek additional guidance.

How do I access the downloadable resources after purchasing the passing program?

Immediately after purchase, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to download the Training Program. If you encounter any issues, check your Junk Folder. The downloadable resources include the program outline, technique manuals, and the 8-week training schedule.

Are there any additional costs involved after purchasing the passing program?

No hidden costs! Your one-time purchase covers the entire 8-week passing program, including all necessary information, resources, and support. The program is yours for life, allowing you to revisit it whenever needed.

Does the passing program address injury prevention?

Yes, the program emphasises safe and effective training techniques.  We’ve included instructional videos that are designed to reduce the risk of injuries and promote a healthy training experience. As with any physical activity, please get your doctor’s approval before embarking.

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