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How to get fast with just your bodyweight

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

I'm a big believer in not needing to buy expensive or fancy equipment to get FASTER (cue a big sigh of relief from parents everywhere!).


It’s simply not necessary.

It’s amusing to see players/coaches bring out the fancy equipment like parachutes, bands, poles etc when training speed.

It's just a gimmick!

All you need is LOVE🎼, sorry I meant your bodyweight.

The reason I love the concept of just using your own body weight to get FASTER is because:

1. It works!

2. You can train speed anywhere, in the backyard, down at the local park or at your Rugby club

3. Parents don't need to spend any more money (once your child knows the tools and techniques how to get fast, the only money will be the fuel in the car to get to the park)

4. You can train technique, strength, power, flexibility and core strength with just your body weight

But, it’s true that poor old bodyweight training gets a bad wrap like "no way will I get faster" or "it's too easy"

What these armchair experts don't realise is that it's all about training MOVEMENTS not muscles.

You need to be training movements that will transfer onto the rugby field.

That is why parachutes, bands, poles and anything else used is just a gimmick.

So today I want to share with you 3 ways that you can get FASTER by simply utilising your bodyweight, and that won't cost the bank of Mum or Dad a cent, and will provide massive gains on the field.


You don't need weights or a gym to build your speed strength.

You can improve your speed strength by making exercises like body weight squats more challenging by performing single leg exercises.

Try REVERSE LUNGES to build your speed strength.

Not only does single leg exercises add extra resistance to the leg you are working, it also makes your muscles work harder as they need to stabilise your body otherwise you will fall over.


There is no better way to improve your technique than to use your body weight. There are hundreds of technique drills out there but my favourite ones are:

WALL DRILL This is a great drill to improve your acceleration technique, train your upper body to lean forward and for your legs to push backwards.

SEATED ARM SWINGS One of the biggest mistakes players make when they are sprinting is that their arms swing across their body. The seated arm swings drill will train your arms to swing to the side not across your body.


Power is all about the action of your muscles strengthening and shortening as fast as they can. The faster they stretch and shorten, the more power you will develop.

I mentioned above that you need to be training movements and there is no better transfer of training to the technique of speed then through plyometrics

When it comes to acceleration, you need to be producing horizontal power and one the best bodyweight exercise to train this is through POWER SKIPS FOR DISTANCE

To train power for top speed, you need to be producing vertical power so the POWER SKIPS FOR HEIGHT drill is the perfect drill to perform.

There you have it, 3 ways you can get faster by just using your bodyweight that won't break the bank of Mum and Dad.

Speed is such a delicate skill that by doing just one little thing incorrectly will result in your child not reaching their full speed potential.

Why guess and waste time scrolling through YouTube videos on how to get fast when you can gain instant access to my 4 WEEK SPEED & AGILITY PROGRAM that your child can do anywhere with just their own bodyweight.

This jam packed speed program covers speed, strength, power, flexibility, muscle activation and core strength stretch, all the keys to getting faster.

Go ahead, click on the link below to get instant access to getting faster with just your own bodyweight

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