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Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Speed is a skill.

And like any skill in life, you need to repeat it over and over again to master it.

A perfect example of this is when we learn to walk.

We stand up and walk a few steps, then we fall over. We get up and we walk a few more steps, and fall over again. We repeat this process until we get to a point where we don’t fall over anymore. As toddlers, we master the process of repetition without even thinking twice about it.

Somewhere between teaching ourselves to walk and growing up - we become lazy. Mostly with the 'practice makes perfect' theory.

But this is what you need to do if you want to become explosively fast. You need to repeat the skill of speed over and over again - then, and only then, will the pattern become ingrained into your muscles so that it becomes automatic. Practice, practice, practice and then do it some more.

You want to enable yourself to sprint fast without thinking.

But, and here is the issue -

the rub is that you will teach your muscles to remember whatever it is you are repeating...

if you want to sprint slow then practise, and repeat, sprinting slowly


If you want to be explosively fast on the field, you need to be sprinting fast every single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

That means at training, in the back yard or on the school oval.

By sprinting fast every single time, your muscles don’t know any other way except to sprint fast every time, and that means on the field where it counts the most.

The fastest players in the world have repeated sprinting fast so many times that it now becomes natural to them on the field.

They don’t need to think about it. And that is where you need to be.

As soon as they catch the footy their body automatically sprints fast, when they see a gap, their body sprints fast and when they need to be in a position to make a try-saving tackle, their body automatically sprints fast.

Sprinting explosively fast without having to think is the holy grail of speed but you can’t get there unless you apply the art of repetition.

P.S if you are stuck on what your child needs to be doing to reach the holy grail of sprinting fast automatically then you need to check out my ONLINE SPEED PROGRAMS that map out very clearly every single thing your child needs to be doing.

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