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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Without force, you have no speed. Simple as that.

Because we are not taught at a young age on how to sprint (except for those that attend my workshops or purchase my online speed programs) we drive our knee to where it goes naturally, without thinking.

Your knee drive is very important.

Let me ask you a question:

If player A drives their knee to 70 degrees when they are sprinting, and Player B drives their knee to 90 degrees - who is going to be faster?

If you said player B, top marks to you. It’s simple physics.

The higher you drive your knee, the more force you’re able to apply to the ground.

I like to tell my players to imagine there is a plate of glass in front of them and that they need to smash the glass with their knee.

Driving your knee up softly won't smash the glass so you need to drive your knee up with force.

Start concisely thinking about your knee drive when sprinting. Get your knee drive to 90 degrees with each stride. Sure, it may feel funny to start with, but that is a good thing - as your body is doing something it hasn’t done before, which is exactly where the magic of improvement happens.

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