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How to develop Explosive Speed Power to your game

Updated: May 19, 2022

Let’s face it we all want to get to the end result of whatever it is we want, as quick as possible.

Who wants to go around the corner, then up the street, then take a left to get to where we want to go? After all the fastest way to anything is a straight line.

I’m about to share with you my straight line to Explosive Speed Power.

Not only will the 3 keys I’m about to share with you improve your speed, but you will also improve your:

· Explosiveness off the mark

· Explosiveness in your tackles; and

· Explosiveness when breaking through the line of defence

Let’s get into it.


This is the most ignored body part when it comes to any form of training.

But this is a BIG mistake.

You see explosive speed power starts from the foot.

This happens the moment you push off the ground with the balls of your foot.

A weak foot will produce energy leaks because the foot wobbles when it strikes the ground.

A foot that wobbles is like trying to drive a car with the hand brake on. You won’t get anywhere fast.

I always include POGO JUMPS in my warm ups so that my players feet are ready to develop explosive speed power as soon as the referee blows that whistle for kick off.


Remember I said at the start that the fastest way to anything is a straight line?

To develop explosive speed power efficiently, our body need to be moving in a straight line and that includes our knees.

A knee that is unstable produces sideway movements which affects your explosive speed power production.

Knee instability also puts extra strain on the ligaments around the knee and can result in shin splints, runners’ knee and even hamstring strains.

A simple BODYWEIGHT SQUAT is a great way to improve your knee stability.


Explosive Speed Power is all about being able to develop force (when you drive your foot up during a sprint) and absorbing force (when your foot strikes the ground).

When it comes to power training, players love concentrating on being able to jump as far as possible, but don’t concentrate on the ability to land after a jump with control which is basically absorbing force.

The simple fact is that the more force you can absorb, the more you can produce.

I love using DEPTH JUMPS as a method to train the body to be able to absorb force.

Now this seems like a lot to get your head around.

I understand.

If you would rather take out the guesswork to developing explosive speed power, then you need to check out

This program lays a strong foundation for explosive speed power that will see you:

· Get off the mark quicker

· Tackle with explosive power; and

· Break through the line of defence with ease

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