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Updated: May 5, 2021

Triple extension may well be your best friend when it comes to training and building explosive power and speed.

Triple extension is when the hip, knee, and ankle work together producing maximum force into the ground that will propel your body forward explosively.

In addition to improving your speed, the concept of triple extension is very important for injury prevention. All the joints need to be able to move efficiently throughout the entire range of motion, or else one cannot fully extend, and if they do, injuries are bound to occur.

To train triple extension, make sure you are:

1) Performing drills that extend at the hip, knee, and ankle simultaneously

2) Focus on extending all three joints powerfully, to bring you to your maximum potential

My 2 favorite drills to train triple extension are:

Just performing these 2 exercises won't get you fast. You need to know the exact reps and sets your child must be doing week to week along with other speed developing exercises that will produce guaranteed results. That's locked away inside my ONLINE SPEED PROGRAMS. No fancy equipment required. Just your child's bodyweight and a flat grassed area.

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