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Before you even look at change-of-direction, you need to build a strong foundation, otherwise, everything else you do will collapse, or in the case of rugby, you won’t possess that sharp and explosive change-of-direction on the rugby field.

The skill you need to master first when it comes to agility for rugby is deceleration. Deceleration is the foundation to change of direction and is the ability to slow your body down in a controlled manner

The best players in the world are able to decelerate quickly then re-accelerate explosively in a different direction.

So, whenever you change direction, you need to decelerate first.

Below is a video of a simple but great drill that trains deceleration.

Key points for you to remember when performing the deceleration drill:

  • Accelerate as fast and explosive as possible to challenge yourself and train your body to slow down at high speeds

  • Stop right on top of the marker. Not in front or behind. Right on top. You need to train your body to stop on a dime

While everyone else is relaxing, playing video games your child could be working on their speed and change of direction.

And slowly they will raise 2,3,4,5 notches above their teammates and competition.

Eventually they will wonder what your child is doing. They will want to know the "secret"

And you can tell them:

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