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Core strength training is one of the most neglected training methods when Rugby players are trying to improve their speed. This is so unfortunate, because players with a strong core..

  1. React quicker

  2. Have more control over their centre of gravity and

  3. Generate more explosive power from a standstill position

Come on, who doesn't want a strong core? But are you willing to do the work it takes to improve your core strength?

A strong and stable core will allow you to transfer high amounts of power throughout your body which will make you sprint faster.

But, if your core strength is weak, the power that you generate when your foot strikes the ground will leak out, essentially putting a cap on how fast you can go. This will not only affect your speed, but your technique will be sloppy - simply because your body can't handle the power you are generating with each stride.

To improve your core strength you need to be performing exercises that work both the centre, and sides of your core.

Exercises like planks and sit-ups will work your centre core, and exercises like Russian Twists or any core exercise that involves a twisting action will strengthen the sides of your core.

Work on strengthening your core 3 times a week, and in around 4 weeks you will notice that your reaction is quicker, you are more stable, explosive out of the blocks and you may even get a six pack!!

You can't expect to improve your core strength by doing any old exercise and in any old order.

Take the guess work out of core strength training and check out my online speed programs that show you the exact core strength exercises you need to be doing along with the exact sets and reps mapped out for you to ensure that you are building your core strength in the fastest possible way.

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