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The best confidence booster for any player

We all love confidence.

Confidence allows us to execute skills on the field with accuracy, engage in tackles with conviction, bounce back quicker from mistakes and enjoy the game a lot more.

But how do you build confidence?

Through my 25 years coaching experience and seeing first hand players that have come to me low in confidence and leave with a boost of confidence, I can confidently say that improving your speed, strength and fitness (athletic performance) will do the trick.

The reason I say to work on your speed, strength and fitness to improve your confidence is because your entire game will improve not just one or a couple parts of your game.

Think about it. A player that is fast has a competitive edge. They are able to outpace the opposition, break through defensive lines and chase down opponents.

A player that has strength has physical dominance. They are more effective tacklers. They carry the ball with power and they have that physical presence on the field which has the opposition second guessing.

What about fit players? well their entire game improves. They make better decisions as they aren't under fatigue. They also recovery quicker between sprints and tackles.

I don't know about you but all that will surely improve my confidence both on and off the field.

In essence, speed, strength, and fitness provide the foundational building blocks for a player's confidence. These physical attributes not only improve a player's performance but also contribute to a mental state of readiness and self-assuredness on the field, allowing them to play to the best of their abilities.

Who wants some of this confidence?

My brand new program THE ULTIMATE SPEED, STRENGTH & CONDITIONING PROGRAM will improve any player from 12 years and older their confidence both on and off the field in just 8 weeks.

You can find out all the details HERE

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